Monday, August 4, 2014

The Dadchelor Party

A new party trend just registered on my radar: Dadchelor parties. Also known as the Man Shower - a baby shower for the dad that's usually attended by his male friends.

Pinterest is filled with ideas for the invitations. It seems a lot of them revolve around beer. "Beer and Babies" and "Huggies and Chuggies" are two popular themes. In those cases, the invitations usually instruct the guests to bring a package of diapers as the gift. 

Some of party details I've seen online are serving guests beer in baby bottles and playing games including a stroller relay rally. Cakes in the shape of a beer can, some with diapers, appear to be popular. Also big are the diapers and gifts arranged into the shape of a cake that have been a staple of traditional baby showers for years. For Man Showers, they look much more masculine.

These parties - minus the alcohol - also seem to be gaining traction in the workplace. In those cases, the parties are similar to ones held for women, but just under the Man Shower name. If you search Instagram you'll see lots of meeting rooms filled with gifts for the daddy-to-be. 

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