Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A sign for all ages

Kohl's sent me a few of the back to school items that will make college students' dorm rooms more cozy and functional.

Along with the one-cup coffee makers, shower caddies and laundry hampers was this fun item:

It's painted on a wooden box frame and retails for $9.99. (To order, go to www.kohls.com)

I love that it works for college students - it's a reminder for them to be confident and true to their awesome selves while they're away from home.

But I'm particularly interested in the sign because one big topic at parties is guests chatting about how forgetful they can be because they have so much going on. I've heard so many people that have it completely together but inside are so stressed because maybe they forgot a name or they can't remember a phone number. If you're over 40 and that happens, the first thing you worry about is that you're beginning to lose it. I always joke that I've been that way all my life so I can't really tell a difference.

I'm thinking about buying these signs in bulk since they are inexpensive. That way the next time someone I know who is wonderful frets over their memory, I could send them this reminder to not forget how awesome they are.

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