Monday, August 18, 2014

Amazing Aucuba

My absolute favorite greenery to decorate with in the summer is Aucuba. That's because my favorite summer colors are lemon yellow and lime green, and both are represented in this pretty evergreen that is hearty and lush.

I took this photo this morning of an arrangement of Aucuba I made for my foyer on June 1. Yes, June 1. That's another reason I love Aucuba so much in the summer: it's easy breezy. I do have to make sure it stays watered, and occasionally I prune a dead leaf or two. The one downside is that you have to be careful where you place it because after a while it secretes a sap. My arrangement is on a glass topped table so as long as I keep on eye on it and clean it up as soon as I see the sap, it's fine.

When I finally change out this arrangement, probably at the end of summer around Sept. 21, these cuttings will have gone to root and I can plant them in the backyard and have yet another patch of beautiful Aucuba to enjoy throughout the four seasons.

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