Thursday, August 29, 2013

Honoring the late, great President Wireman

Charlotte is thick with Queens University of Charlotte alumni, including me.

A big topic of conversation among us last week was the generosity of Sandra and Leon Levine and other donors who made our alma mater’s Levine Center for Wellness and Recreation a reality when it opened recently. We are all jealous it wasn’t there when we were at Queens!

Talking about Queens brings back many fond memories for those of us who had the pleasure of going to school there when the late Billy O. Wireman was president. (His photo is above). He was a real father figure to us all and we completely respected him, but he was also a lot of fun. He was so forward thinking, intelligent, charming and a great role model.

He has not been forgotten by his Queens family or business leaders in our community. That's why on Sept. 30, the college’s McColl School Alumni Association hosts its annual Billy O. Wireman Memorial Golf Tournament at Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge. The $175 fee covers all fees including lunch, snacks and beverages. Details:

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