Thursday, August 15, 2013

A don't when couples say "I Do"

A recent story in the New York Times confirmed a trend I had heard about: Brides are banning cell phones at their ceremonies. The reasons range from fear (they don’t want a family member who wasn’t invited to see the pictures on someone else’s Facebook page) to vanity (they want to have control over how they look).

But ultimately, the article said the bans are because guests are supposed to be witnesses to the vows, but how can they do that if they’re too busy trying to get a photo or video?

In another publication, I read that wedding cell phone bans are also spreading because brides become upset when they get their professional photos back and realize they can’t tell who was there because almost every guest is holding a cell phone up in front of their faces.

So, before you watch a couple say “I Do,” don’t bring your cell phone.

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Amanda Winmark said...

Olivia, I like your blog and loved it on

AWE said...

I serve as a wedding director at a large church in the Charlotte area. We ask that all couples include the following phrase in their programs: "Out of respect for this worship service, please turn off your cell phone or pager. In addition, please refrain from all pictures until after the service is over." There is nothing worse you can do for a bride than to have a camera flash in her face as she goes down the aisle, or have incessant clicking and snapping going on as the couple are taking their vows.