Friday, November 21, 2014

Thank you, Michael Tarwater

As Thanksgiving approaches, I wanted to share a small gesture of kindness that was meaningful to me. Photographer Daniel Coston and I were covering a party attended by Carolinas HealthCare CEO Michael Tarwater and his lovely wife, Ann. For more than a decade, Daniel and I have been out and about chronicling Charlotte’s social scene. I tell him all the time that I could not do my job without his great photos.

As we were talking to the Tarwaters, suddenly Michael turned to Daniel and me and said, “Would you like for me to take your picture?”

Daniel and I were struck by his kindness because in all the time we’ve worked together, no one has ever thought to take a photo of us together. Michael borrowed Daniel’s camera for a second and the photo turned out really cute, especially since Daniel was wearing one of his signature vintage hats. So thank you, Michael. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Here's Michael's photo of Daniel and me:

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