Friday, November 7, 2014

Decor ideas for a rustic chic Thanksgiving

Rustic chic decor is so hot right now, but its casual elegance is not always easy to pull off. Some push it too far into the country/tacky category.

The decorating committee for Wing Haven's recent fundraising Farm to Table dinner got it just right. Volunteer Nancy Lowry spearheaded the decorations and raided her family’s farm for decor that included pumpkins carved into serving bowls.

It's my turn in the family rotation to host Thanksgiving this year, and I'm using these photos taken by Daniel Coston at the Wing Haven event as my inspiration. I hope the pictures inspire you, too.

But first, here's a photo of just part of the gardens that make up Wing Haven. It was taken that night right as guests began arriving. Talk about inspiration! If you're interested in visiting, here are the details:

Now on to the rustic chic decor:

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