Thursday, May 1, 2014

Plastic surgeons share their expertise

Charlotte Plastic Surgery ( was started in 1951 when Dr. William Berkeley became the first plastic surgeon to serve the Charlotte community. More than 60 years later, it has continued its reputation as one of the most acclaimed plastic surgery centers in North Carolina.

Several of its surgeons and skin health specialists hosted a recent event to update the media on the newest breakthroughs in plastic surgery and skin care. It was fascinating.

What I was most impressed with is the genuine concern the staff has that anyone interested in improving their looks - whether it involves an injectable or surgery - make sure they pick a reputable plastic surgery center, even if it's not Charlotte Plastic Surgery. That's why they offer free consultations because they really want those interested in these types of services to do their comparison shopping and make sure they go with the best surgeon or skin care specialist for them.

Also, the Charlotte Plastic Surgery staff is becoming alarmed because they're finding that more and more clients are coming to them to have mistakes corrected because another surgeon or skin care specialist - often a practice they found a coupon deal for - did not do the job properly. One of the main messages they want to get out is that coupons are great for dining or entertainment, but don't pick a surgeon or skin care specialist only because you got a dirt cheap deal.

Here are some more interesting things I learned during the presentation: 

Do your homework: Amazingly, statistics show that many people do more research and comparison shopping for a car than they do for plastic surgery. Celebrities are no different and the sometimes disastrous results are a reminder to take choosing a credible surgeon and practice seriously. 

Less is more: The goal in plastic surgery is too achieve a natural and elegant look. You don't want people to think you look different, you want them to think you look better.

"Housewives" are scaring the hell out of potential patients: The Bravo TV "Real Housewives" reality shows have become the worst advertisement for plastic surgery. Many women come in wanting to have something done, but they're terrified they'll end up looking like some of the women on the shows who take a good thing too far. 

Learn what's new: Non-surgical facial procedures have advanced to the point that often patients don't need to have surgery to achieve the look they want. Among them is the Dermapen, a micro-needling device that treats wrinkles, scars, burns and more. There are also new skincare products that can work wonders. 

Top tip: Wearing sunscreen is the top thing you can do to take care of your skin. Wear it all year, not just in warmer months.

Men want to look great, too: Although women make up most of plastic surgery patients, more and more men are having work done to compete in the workforce or because their wives have had successful surgery and they encourage their husbands to do it, too. Like many women of a certain age, men come in because they've kept their bodies in shape, but they feel their faces look older.

A clever ruse: A beard doesn't interfere with a face lift, so many men grow a beard out before their surgery, then shave it off after they've recovered. When people comment about how good they look, they attribute it to shaving off their beard. Regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, whatever it is you had work on is private and you don't have to reveal the details to anyone who starts grilling you over why you look so great unless you want to. One of the doctors told me the best way to shut down nosy Nellies is to say you lost a little weight or you've been on vacation. Anyone that presses you on the matter is out of line and you are not obligated to satisfy their rude curiosity. 

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Robyn Summers said...

I absolutely love finding facilities that care about their patients! I had a breast aug in destin and made sure that my surgeon cared for my mental health as well as bodily health! Great article!