Monday, February 10, 2014

Tea for three

There is a couple in town that I think the world of because they are so smart, funny and sophisticated. I've known them for years, but we just recently figured out that we're both proud pet parents of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

I made over their photos of their precious princesses Diva and Grace, and I was thrilled when they gushed over the photos of my sweet girl.

I was so excited when they invited my dog and and me over for tea. My Cavalier and I cleared our social calendar and began planning our wardrobe and hostess gifts. My dog is very particular about which accessories she will and will not wear, but because it was the weekend before Valentine's Day, she did let me tie a pretty red bow around her neck for the party on Saturday.

We were nervous on the drive over to their beautiful home. Actually, I was nervous. She was asleep.

As soon as we arrived and saw our smiling hosts and met Grace and Diva, it was clear it was going to be a fun afternoon.

Here's a photo of my dog making her entrance:

Our hosts could not have been more welcoming or gracious. We chatted for a while, then our adorable girls ran around the backyard for a bit. As we sat down for tea, Diva and Grace were generous enough to share some of their treats with my dog.

It wasn't long before the girls dozed off by the fire. We all talked about our love for the breed and laughed over stories of their antics. When we got ready to go, Diva and Grace made sure we left with a box of their favorite yummy treats.

Here's a photo of sleeping beauties Diva and Grace awaking from their nap to say goodbye to us:

It was a truly glorious afternoon and I appreciated the invitation so much. We are already planning another get-together for the spring.

Our tea for three Cavaliers was a reminder to me that often the smallest gatherings can be the most meaningful.

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