Monday, January 6, 2014

A few holiday party details I loved

I’m completely exhausted from all the festive fun I had over the past weeks, but I’ll rally to share a few of my favorite observations of holiday party details I loved:

  • A well-known philanthropist who injured her foot and had to limp around on a crutch bought a bunch of sparkly supplies at Michael’s and blinged out her crutch, which became the hit of all the parties she attended.
  • The host who lives in a beautifully decorated but tiny, historic condo uptown placed inexpensive old-fashioned coat racks by the front door so his guests did not have to traipse through his one-bedroom to stash their coats.
  • The couple who knew the perfect thing to serve at their New Year’s Day party had nothing to do with collards. They set up an incredible Bloody Mary bar where guests, especially those who had overindulged the night before, served themselves and got right with the world again. 
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