Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hot dog! A new Christmas tradition is born

Sometimes mistakes can be a beautiful - and delicious - thing.

I found that out during one of the family Christmas feasts I attended where it's a tradition to serve Sister Schubert's Parker House Rolls.

As I tore into my roll, I saw something in the center. I quickly realized that it was a tiny smoked sausage. At first, everyone at the table thought there had been a mistake at the Sister Schubert plant.  Then they realized they all had smoked sausages, too. The hostess had accidentally bought the Sausage Wrap Rolls instead of the Parker House Rolls.

I had just done something similar for a small Christmas get-together I had a few days earlier at my home. I meant to buy the plain Carr's Table Water Crackers and accidentally bought some seasoned ones instead. Luckily, they ended up going well with the Port Wine cheese I served them with - in fact one guest told me it tasted better than just using the plain Carr's crackers. Then we laughed about how confusing it is to shop now because each brand has so many different versions - original, fat free, gluten free, seasoned, seasoned with garlic, seasoned with herbs, seasoned without garlic and herbs - it just goes on and on. If you're in a hurry mistakes can be made.

But when I bit into those Sister Schubert Sausage Wrap Rolls, which I didn't even know the company made, a new Christmas tradition was hopefully born. Although many people think I'm a vegetarian because I'm such a picky meat eater, the German in me has always loved sausages. The Sausage Wrap Rolls are a great, and in my opinion a better tasting, alternative to the retro Pigs in a Blanket that have become popular to serve now.

So, thank you Sister Schubert for making such great products. And thank you to the hostess for making such a tasty mistake. Please, please serve them next year!

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