Monday, October 15, 2012

Bright & beautiful: Behind the scenes with Trina Turk

This morning I joined designer Trina Turk at one of my favorite places in Charlotte, The Duke Mansion, for a one-on-one interview. She is as bright and beautiful in person as her colorful clothes. The mansion is the site of a trunk show of her brand's clothes, jewelry and home decor that runs until 5 p.m. today, and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow (Oct. 16). Her designs are so well priced and absolutely ooze style and fun that I urge you to check it out. And, 20 percent of the proceeds go to the Mint Museum.

Trina is here as the speaker at tonight's Fall EnrichMint Forum at the Mint Museum uptown. Hosted by the Mint Museum Auxiliary, it includes a fashion show and Trina talking about her "Mid-Century Modern Musings." It's sold-out, but here's a link to Trina and some of the models from her appearance with super fan Colleen Odegaard on WCNC's Charlotte Today:

Also, here's video of atmosphere in the jewelry and home decor section of the trunk show:

Trina's equally fun and handsome husband, Jonathan Skow, accompanied her to Charlotte. His title is Director of Inspiration. I love that. He's over the menswear line and is in charge of the company's photography. They are such a great couple - Trina told me they've been married 27 years. They're both are so relaxed, welcoming and interesting.

Jonathan told me the menswear line is a small but growing part of the brand. It's for a guy who likes fashion and wants to look cool. The silhouettes are classic, but they're loaded with great colors, prints and textures for interest. Here's a photo of fashion-obsessed Charlottean Franklin Headen looking fabulous in one of the jackets - it would definitely make any man stand out in the crowd at a holiday party.

Trina says that bright colors that look so right paired with gold and black are the basis of her Winter Luxe collection that's part of the trunk show.

When style expert Sonya Barnes came over to say hello, I asked her to use her expert eye to pick out a favorite piece for herself, and a favorite piece in general. For everyone, one of Trina's dresses with swirls of color and great attention to design detail in the way it drapes was Sonya's all-around favorite. Here's video of Sonya talking with Trina:

For herself, Sonya chose one of the jumpsuits in black and white. "It's hot, hot, hot," she said.

Also hot? The Balenciaga shoes Trina was wearing. Earlier, I had to ask Trina which designer created the shoes, but Sonya recognized them right away.

Trina is known for her signature Louise Brooks bob with bangs, and her simple but dramatic makeup. A makeup artist at Neiman Marcus worked on her this morning. "I'm very bossy when it comes to how I want my makeup to look," she said with a laugh. She was thrilled to find nearby Polished for her manicure and pedicure.

When my interview with Trina runs later, you'll read more about what inspires her designs, how she likes to entertain at her homes in L.A. and Palm Springs, and what she has coming up for Spring.

In the meantime, do something good for the Mint and your wardrobe by buying something at the trunk show. I didn't have time to shop today but I can't wait to get back over there tomorrow.

I'll leave you with this photo that makes me smile. I love the way this formal oil painting of William H. Grigg, a former Duke Energy CEO, seems to be looking at the Trina Turk orange sequined party frock on display. Do you think he approves? I do, because any woman wearing it would light up the room.

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