Friday, September 7, 2012

DNC: Best and worst

Wow, what a party. My iPhone camera and I had a blast. All of us who experienced a part of the DNC have great cocktail party talk stored up. I can't wait to hear all the stories.

In the meantime, here's my personal Top 5 Best and Worst list for the week:

The sense of accomplishment I feel knowing I'm a cog in the wheel of the well-rounded DNC content the Observer produced nonstop in print and digitally this week.

When I introduced myself to visitors, many of them complimented the Observer when they found out I worked for the hometown paper. Lots of them said they wished their town's newspaper was as well done.

Observing whole groups of people from different states. It's not often you're in a room with hundreds of people who you know are from one area. It's fascinating to observe the subtle differences in their behavior.

My appreciation for Southern ways is even more deep now, if that's possible. Although every single visitor I met during the DNC was nice and interesting, I quickly realized I would miss some of the small pleasantries I'm used to if I lived in another part of the country.

Getting kicked out of a party by the secret service right before the Vice President arrived. That thrilled my punk rock heart.

Standing on the sidewalk outside a CEO's house hoping to get pictures of guests arriving for a lunch he was hosting for dignitaries. I got a photo of a caterer walking up the driveway. A photo of a UPS driver walking up the driveway. And a photo of a security guard from Washington walking down the driveway on his way to ask me what I was doing.

Being so busy I didn't have time to watch a lot of the TV coverage.

Freaking my dog out  because I didn't play ball with her as much as I normally do.

Becoming overwhelmed trying to follow DNC news on Facebook and Twitter.

The surprising feeling of melancholy I have because it's all over.