Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A festival of fashion do's and don'ts

Now that the DNC is over, let's talk about what Charlotte is normally known for in September - festivals.

Pride magazine's Coca-Cola Sunset Jazz Festival just took place Sept. 8 at Symphony Park at SouthPark mall.

Coming up are the Yiasou Greek Festival (Sept. 13-16 at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral on East Boulevard); Festival in the Park (Sept. 21-23 at Freedom Park); and Festival of India (Sept. 22-23 at Knight Theater uptown).

One of the attractions of festival season is that they're great places to have fun while seeing and being seen. In that spirit, a group of stylish event organizers sent me their do's and don'ts when it comes to festival fashion.

Accessorize to the nines: You can’t go wrong with designer shades, handbags and shoes.

Wear colors that match your skin tone and your body style.

Try to have a fabulous, flawless look.

Get that mani and pedi.

Wear comfortable shoes. Wedges or cute sandals always work wonders.

Wear something you hate (it will worry you the whole time).

Wear something too tight (people will stare).

Wear something inappropriate (people will talk).

Overdo the makeup (it will melt off in the heat).

Wear heels too high (your feet will kill you). 


Chris Freeman said...

This superficial commentary diminishes the real cultural value of these events. Bad job, CO.