Thursday, August 9, 2012

Patriotic pooches welcome

Deby Cozzie, manager of Claws and Paws Inn, once worked in the airline industry so she knows firsthand how some pet owners hate leaving their dogs behind when they travel. 

With the Democratic National Convention coming to town, she began to think of visitors who will be calling around looking for dog-friendly hotels. She says there aren't many, but since she's located near the airport and uptown, she thought of a way to help.

She contacted nearby hotels and the DNC organizing committee to let them know that Claws and Paws is accepting reservations for out-of-town pets. That way, their owners can be a part of the convention and stay in the hotel, but be near enough to their pets to check in on them.

Through pet owners I trust who live in the town of Belmont where Claws and Paws is located, I've heard it's a great place. It's owned by a veterinarian, Dr. White of Catawba Heights Animal Hospital. A vet is on site at six days a week and all the staff are pet owners. 

"If we get enough dogs coming in, I plan to do a photo shoot and give them a patriotic bandanna when they check out."

Cozzie loves to plan special events, including the inn's annual Dogtober Fest. "I have a Priest come in and bless the dogs," she says. "We have a canine unit who comes out and puts on a show and any money we raise goes to needy animals." 

The DNC promotion is not just a way to get more business, Cozzie truly cares about animals. 

"There's always room in my lap for a dog, unfortunately sometimes it’s a Great Dane," she jokes.

For more details, call 704-822-1966 or go to