Friday, October 18, 2013

A sweet Halloween treat

I was away on vacation last week, which made this week extra busy for me because I've been trying to catch up at work. That's why it was such a sweet treat to come home last night and find that my husband had gone ahead and put up all our Halloween decorations.

My favorite Halloween tableaux he created was mixing some retro plastic jack o' lanterns with three of my favorite photos from past Halloweens:

I love it when people get into the spirit of a holiday and I really enjoy looking at all the decorations. I thought about it and I realized our decorations tend to fall in the spooky/fun category rather than scary/gory. Both are fun, it's just a personal preference.

I know I fall in the first category because the world scares me enough lately - I don't have to try to scare myself. When I say Happy Halloween, I really mean it. I even like my ghost decorations to have jolly expressions.

Here's a Vine video of some of our retro/spooky/fun decor: