Friday, September 6, 2013

Six updates from Seventeen magazine

I enjoy it when I get to write about fashion, so I guess that's why one of my co-workers left a copy of the September issue of Seventeen magazine on my desk. I loved the magazine when I was younger, but I haven't looked at a copy in ages. I started to recycle it, then I thought maybe just for fun I would read it.

I didn't think there would be anything in there for me to learn from, I just wanted to enjoy reading a fashion and beauty magazine that didn't have endless articles about fighting wrinkles.

One article did have some info in that I thought would be fun to pass along. I think it's style advice that anyone of any age can learn from.

The article gave six tips for quickly updating your personal style. One was incredibly stupid, in my opinion, but the rest were good reminders to think differently about how little things you do to tweak your style can make a big fashion impact. Here are the magazine's tips:

1. Wear your bracelets stacked on top of the sleeve of your outerwear. Mix colors and metals for "an ultra-cool vibe."

2. Knot a belt over your jacket instead of buttoning it up.

3. Take a classic long sleeve shirt and make it more trendy by throwing it over a graphic print tee and only buttoning the very top button on the shirt.

4. Rest a jacket on your shoulders for a less bulky, more interesting way to bundle up.

5. When you wear a hoodie, tie the strings in a feminine bow instead of letting them hang loose.

6. This is the stupid one. The magazine says that a chunky necklace updates a dress, but don't hide it behind your hair - tuck strands under the necklace to show it off. (Although I do believe that when you're under 25 you should really experiment with your clothes, makeup and accessories, this just doesn't look right. If it doesn't look good on the model in the story, then usually it's not going to look good on the average person.)

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