Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thank you, Vincent Longo

It has been several weeks since Vincent Longo was in Charlotte. I owe him a big thank you, so this is my public ode to his artistry.

The famous makeup artist was here as the guest of Jeffre Scott Apothecary, a cosmetics boutique that carries his Vincent Longo makeup line. While he was here, he taught a makeup application seminar at the Duke Mansion, then met with his fans at a reception in his honor at Jeffre Scott Apothecary.

Here's the feature I did advancing his visit:
Here's the coverage of the event:
Here's the slideshow of photos:
And finally, here's the video from his appearance on WCNC-TV's "Charlotte Today" show so you can see him in action:

I didn't even know he had a makeup line until I was looking for a really good concealer and Amy Grigg at the apothecary suggested I try his brand. I love it so much - it's truly the best concealer I"ve every used. It comes in both a small compact with a mirror, and a pen form that's great for touch-ups.

That discovery made me extra excited to interview Vincent before his trip here. I was so impressed with how extraordinarily friendly and energetic he was on the phone. He has an Australian accent that's so appealing. (He lived there until he was a teen and his Italian immigrant parents moved back to Italy.)

Longo is based out of New York City now, but he also keeps a house on the Italian coast near his close knit  la famaligia. When he entertains in New York, he enjoys cooking healthy meals for dinner with friends. In Italy, he entertains al fresco and is more likely to indulge his love of pasta.

The reason I want to thank him is that right before his visit, I was becoming very discouraged with how I look in the photos I'm under pressure to Tweet of me with any visiting celebrity who comes through town that crosses my path. I think part of the problem is that I wasn't wearing enough makeup, especially eye makeup. Thanks to Vincent's seminar, I have really taken it up a notch and I'm so happy with the results.

His philosophy is to enhance your best features to maximize your own beauty so you can be more confident and empowered. I'm not going to lie - to do all the steps he taught us takes a while, but it's worth it if you want to look your best. On many days it's not necessary. If you're just running errands, or you've got a slow work day that's free of  important meetings or functions, you don't have to be as detailed.

Here are the three main tips that have made a difference to me:

1. A primer is a secret tool of makeup artists. It evens out your skin and prepares it for foundation.

2. When you apply foundation, press it on with a sponge, then twist the sponge. Vincent describes the motion as being similar to the painting term stippling. Almost every technique he taught us involved pressing the product into the skin, then blending. Gently pressing really helps the product adhere better.

3. Making sure your eyebrows are groomed properly for your eye shape, and that they're filled in. I often didn't fill in my brows, or wear any eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara. Now  I do all those steps and it makes an enormous difference, so thank you Vincent, and thank you Jeffre Scott Apothecary.

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