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Carson Goodwyn's favorite dresses for Prom 2013

Editor's Note: Style savvy teen blogger Carson Goodwyn of Charlotte takes over this blog to write about her favorite prom dresses for 2013. 

Somewhere out there is a future prom queen fretting about finding just the right dress. So many considerations...

You must find a good fit, something that flatters your figure. You want a dress that is comfortable both seated at dinner as well as on the dance floor, and something that photographs well. In the digital media age, there will be pictures! Not only of the professional variety, but front porch photos taken by your parents, Facebook and Instagram, among others.

For this blog, I got the challenging but exciting task of searching out the hottest trends in prom dresses. I went into the process expecting to uncover more of the usual sequins and sparkle. And while it might be out
there, the hottest trend in dressing up for high school’s biggest night, is dressing down. Yes, you read that correctly. The prom is going shockingly casual. Girls are saying goodbye to taffeta and silk shantung, and hello to the maxi dress.

It's no secret society is going casual. It’s evident in the business world, in church services and theater performances. Soccer moms run around all day in their lululemon and I have even seen people board airplanes in something akin to pajamas. So it’s not surprising that the prom would
follow suit.

Although I still love the art of a structured dress, there are some definite benefits to wearing a maxi dress to prom. There are many maxi dress collections to choose from and the fabrics are lightweight, airy and comfortable. You can find maxi dresses in an array of colors, solids and printed designs. The ever present black/white trend is making its way to prom, too.

Maxis can be found at many price points and are often very affordable at under $300. BCBG, Young Fabulous & Broke, and Mara Hoffman are exceptionally priced lines. The hi-low design (shorter in front, longer in the back) is all the rage and allows more freedom in walking and dancing. It also gives you a chance to show off your footwear! Another trend is the sheer skirt, often visible from the knee down. This is fun in that it provides a touch of peek-a-boo in a very safe place. But probably the best part about wearing the maxi to prom is that you actually might wear it again…that is if you can get past the fact that you will appear no less than 75 times on Facebook wearing it.

This prom season you will see maxis paired with heels, wedges and if you are ultra chic, the light bootie. Your extra cash can be spent on statement jewelry such as layered link bracelets, cuffs or heavy chokers.

Even though the dresses are easy going, the pursuit of finding that perfect dress is not. It is every girl’s dream to attend prom. Girls spend months prepping for their prom, and on average, try on 20 or more
dresses. It can be, well, exhausting!

So what’s worse than spending three months searching for that perfect dress? Meeting yourself at the punch bowl! It is a girl’s kiss of death to show up and find another girl wearing the same dress. My mother once
told me the story of two ladies appearing in the same dress at a wedding. One lady was so embarrassed, she drove home and changed into a new dress between the ceremony and the reception.

However, in the past couple years, social media has all but eradicated this problem. Girls are using Facebook to create their own prom groups. Their selected dress options are posted for all to review and covet. By the time the big night rolls around, everyone is well aware of the dress choices of their girlfriends and can arrive stress-free and full of self-confidence.

For Prom 2013, here are some of my favorite selections:
Strapless silk chiffon cherry red maxi by Alexis, $595, Neiman Marcus.

Black and white Alice + Olivia with leather bodice and box pleated sheer chiffon skirt, $598, Sloan.

Block print halter maxi, $448, BCBG.

Suboo Pagoda contrast with sheer skirt, $325, Saks Fifth Avenue online.

Young Fabulous & Broke halter maxi with sheer skirt, $286, Neiman Marcus.

White lace Candela Stella maxi with sheer skirt, $297, Chezelle boutique.

Clover Canyon boho print maxi, $290, Chezelle boutique.

Fuchsia hi-low Alexis maxi, $575, Sloan boutique.


Alexandra Singer said...

These are great picks, Carson!! If I were going to prom again, I'd definitely take your recommendations!


Elizabeth Lipscomb said...

What gorgeous gowns and fantastic fashion advise! (It's hard to believe this perspective comes from a teen blogger and not a New York fashion editor.)
Definitely passing this along to some friends little sisters who are currently prepping for prom!

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