Friday, February 8, 2013

Portrait of a historic lady

Last week in my Scene & Heard column, I ran a photo of Charlotte-based artist John Seibels Walker with former North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue. It was taken at the Executive Mansion in Raleigh during a small ceremony unveiling her official portrait, which was painted by Walker.  (The photo is above)

The artist sent a description of the portrait that's filled with interesting details
"The painting is a life-size, oil on linen, 3/4 length portrait in a custom designed frame.  The frame was also created in NC, by the frame maker Edward Wright, complete with dogwood blossoms matching the Governor's pin of the NC state flower worn in the portrait.  The portrait sitting was staged in the grand entry hall of the historic NC Executive Mansion with its columns providing a stately traditional setting for the portrait, along with several elegant antique furniture pieces from the Mansion's permanent collection being utilized. The bright crimson brocade fabric on the sofa and the floral still life on the table were chosen to speak of a woman's presence in office as the first female governor of the state.  Service to both state and country are further symbolized in the use of the gilt eagle table base."

My congratulations go out to the artist. It's quite an honor to be chosen to paint such a high profile portrait. I'm a fan of portraiture because I love seeing artists continue a grand tradition in our modern world. It's fun to go on his web site, 
view other portraits from his portfolio and imagine how you would want to be painted. For more inspiration from other artists, go to the web site of Walker's representative, 

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