Friday, June 1, 2012

Tweet @icts unite!

When my editors told me a few months ago that it was mandatory that I start Tweeting, I did fuss a little. I already had so much to do and I felt like this was just one more thing to add to the pile. By my second Tweet I turned into a complete Tweet @ict (that's my new Tweet-inspired word for addict). I start twitching if I can't Tweet.

So when I heard WCNC was hosting a Tweet Up party, I immediately signed up. I'm so glad I did because I saw some media friends I have known for years, had a blast hanging out with the super nice gang from WCNC and met some really great new people who are out there doing incredibly interesting things - and Tweeting about it of course.

The absolutely stunning @DionLimWCNC stood near the entrance to the party to greet newcomers. She set the fun tone of the evening with her vivacious personality, plus she's super smart. And yes, the deal diva was wearing a stylish outfit that looked fabulous. Knowing her deal skills, probably found it on sale for $5.

I had fun catching up with Simone McDowell of @honeebeegifts. She has been nothing but nice to me since we first met years ago through her job at the American Heart Association. I'm so proud of how she has gone out on her own and how successful she's been as a p.r. person and with her wonderful Honee Bee Gifts blog. She really is Charlotte's expert on finding the perfect gift. I personally think that's because Simone is such a thoughtful person and she really listens to what you're saying. Those traits with her great eye for style are what have made her so successful. And forget Emily Maynard - I think Simone is one of Charlotte's most beautiful and eligible bachelorettes!

If you're in media in Charlotte, you quickly become wary of p.r. people, but there are a handful here who are total pros, a delight to work with and never waste your time. Along with Simone, one of them is @GwenPoth, who has some of the most fun accounts in town and works so hard she should wear a Superwoman logo all the time. She handles the popular Cowfish restaurant account and she told me that since famous wrestler Ric Flair is a regular, the restaurant is getting ready to introduce a new item to its menu: The Nature Boy's Wooooo-shi Buffalooooo-shi Roll (chipotle bison, fried green tomatoes, grilled onions and feta cheese rolled in tempura flakes and topped with thinly sliced red onions and green tomatoes drizzled with chipotle aioli and finished with thinly slice jalapenos). A portion of the proceeds will benefit Make A Wish.

I also always enjoy seeing Susu Bear of @ScoopCharlotte. Not only is she hilarious, but she really does have the scoop on everything! She was telling me about Vestique, a new boutique out of Raleigh that just opened on East Boulevard and carries chic women's clothes and accessories - all under $100. That's brilliant.

A tall and lovely young woman walked by and there was an immediate flutter. Whispers of "There's Katie! There's Katie" rippled through the guests. So I had to introduce myself to her so I could find out who was causing such a commotion. It was the delightful @KatieMcKiever, co-chair of Social Media Charlotte. She's one of those people that makes you automatically feel cool just because you're standing next to her.

I met so many other great new people, it's impossible to mention them all here. But I did want to give a Tweet out to @wxbrad whose weather and news tweets for WCNC are really helpful. It was thrilling seeing @sonjaganttwcnc who is such a Charlotte celebrity. Her professionalism, grace and smarts make her a role model. 

The guest who I think came the most prepared to wow was Nila Nicholas of @NCCandybuffets. When I introduced myself to her she gave me a really beautiful business card in it's on tiny envelope, a glossy postcard of photos and information about her business, AND a sweet piece of wrapped candy. Now that's a savvy way to stand out at a networking event. 

There's talk that WCNC might do another Tweet Up in partnership with the Observer. I'm going to push for that to happen. If it does, please come. Either way, please consider following me @oliviafortson. 


GPoth said...

What a great night! So good to see you Olivia and thanks for mentioning the fun happenings at The Cowfish!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you, Olivia! It was so nice meeting you.

-Katie McKiever

Lobster3 said...

What a fantastic summary-- thank you! So wonderful meeting you, and all the Tweeters, live in the flesh!

We at the station were all so happy to connect with the community like this, in person and on a deeper level than 140 characters.

For me, seeing our bosses out, mingling and getting to know the people we, as reporters/anchors interact with daily, meant a lot. It proves, this isn't some fad, mandated by corporate. It's something they believe is a part of news now...and day-to-day life itself. The instant synergy of ideas and thoughts...the communication possibilities! So energizing.

I hope we can do a collaboration Tweetup in the future. There shall be more! Cheers, Dion