Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A beautiful event at Jeffre Scott Apothecary

Jeffre Scott Apothecary next to the Manor Theater on Providence Road is always an oasis of beauty thanks to its expert staff and inventory of special cosmetic brands that you often can't find anywhere else in this area.

When Hollywood's most sought after makeup artist, Julie Hewett, made a personal appearance there in honor of her namesake line of cosmetics, it was the perfect mix of beauty and buzz. I learned so much that night I wanted to share it all with you.

When I shook hands with Julie, my first impression was that she had the softest paws I had ever felt. I didn't want to let go. "My hands are always in pots of creams," she explained. She's also genuinely nice and humble - a true sign of someone who is successful because they're confident without being arrogant or pushy.

With the authority of the head makeup artist for many of Hollywood's hottest films and celebrities, she immediately whisked me into a chair and started working her magic. Within minutes she had subtly transformed me from a beleaguered journalist to someone I almost didn't recognize in the mirror - a glowing starlet ready to walk the red carpet. OK, maybe just glowing, but that was enough.

She brought sheets of paper with faces drawn on them, and then for each person she would take the actual makeup she used and smudge it on the paper with the name of the product written next to it so we would remember what she had done. She signed them and they're so cool I plan to frame mine.

Here are my favorites out of the products she used on me:

  • Ora mineral powder foundation. I had always been told my skin was too dry to wear mineral powder because it contains talc, but hers are talc-free and I truly think it's the best foundation I've ever used.
  • The Aphrodite bronzer is natural but gives a subtle glow that I adore (she told me that men in Hollywood are also fans of her bronzers).
  • The multi-tasking Cheekie is a great tint for lips and cheeks that I now use on busy weekend days when I'm running errands and don't have the time to put on full makeup but need a little color.
  • The Camellia Balm for Lips, Eyes, Face and Hands is brilliant. I'm completely addicted. It's made from Camellia oil and has so many uses. It adds moisture without being greasy. She told me it has become one of her most popular products. The only complaint from customers is that they would like her to sell it in huge jars because they can't get enough.
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Get a bunch of people together with a little wine and you also learn a lot of other interesting things. Here are my four favorite bits of new information I walked away with that night:

1. Jeffre is opening another apothecary in Asheville. It's not downtown, it's in the upscale shopping area near the entrance to Biltmore House.
2. The Frock Shop on Central Avenue is the new place to check out. It's a resale shop and I'm told the owners have a great eye for finding vintage and name brand apparel, accessories and shoes all sold in a lounge-like atmosphere.
3. Caci Thompson, an esthetician with Jeffre Scott, is so passionate about what she does. Other guests were raving about her facials. She has beautiful skin, so she's a walking advertisement for her profession. By now, everyone knows to stay out of the sun. But she told me the other best thing we can do is to drink lots of water. She drinks at least a liter a day.
4. Stylist Catherine Horgan of Closet of Style was there in a cute maxi skirt topped with an Oxford shirt she took from her 12-year-old son's closet after spring cleaning because he wasn't wearing it anymore. With the sleeves rolled up and the shirt tail tied at the waist, it looked edgy and adorable at the same time. She also confided that she shops for polo shirts in the boy's department because she likes the fit better.