Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Want to be a Glam-ma?

I'm not a Glam-ma (a glamorous grandmother), but I sure do want to look and act like one.

For a Style section story coming out in tomorrow's paper, I profiled three of them (Joan Zimmerman, Dee Dixon and Liz Hilliard) and included tips from style expert Marcia Simon, another Glam-ma.

After talking to these vibrant women, and observing many other Glam-mas, I found five things they all have in common that can inspire women of any age to live their lives to its fullest potential - and look fabulous in the process.

1.Glam-mas love to exercise. Seriously. How they exercise is different (Pilates, yoga, spinning classes and walking are a few examples), but whatever it is they've found what works for them and they all sincerely enjoy the way exercise makes them feel.

2. Glam-mas care about what they eat. The take a genuine pleasure in fueling their bodies with food that is healthy and delicious.

3. Glam-mas are minimalists. They know what works for them and they've streamlined their look. They've found an easy hairstyle that fits their lifestyle and they wear minimal makeup.

4. Glam-mas have learned which clothing styles look best on their figures. They never look dowdy, in fact they love to update their wardrobes with sophisticated takes on current trends, but they are keenly aware of what is appropriate for their age. Because they are so fit, they can wear clothes at many different price points, and they do, but they all have learned that investing in quality pieces is also key.

5. Glam-mas are vibrant members of their communities who have loving, giving spirits. That is truly what makes them so beautiful - an inner joy that manifests itself in their outward appearance - and big hearts that care not only about their families but the health and happiness of others.

Glam-mas want to be healthy and look their best so they can enjoy their grandchildren, and hopefully great grandchildren, for years to come. But it is their beautiful spirits that will be their lasting legacy to their families for generations to come.